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Digital Nomads selling in the US & have bank in other country - how do you avoid exchange rates?

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I'm stuck. I have a website selling to US, all my inventory is there (Brazilian bikinis). My bank account is in Spain, I am Canadian. I was just forced to sigh up with Stripe as a payment gateway in order to accept payments. However, this means I will pay 2% fee for transactions on top of the mid market exchange rate that stripe uses. Which I will also probable pay a fee from my bank no doubt. 

I have an American sub-account in my Spanish bank, but stripe  not send US$ unless its a bank in the US. 

1) Which payment gateway allows you to have US$ sent to your bank account in Spain?

2) Are there Bitcoin/crypto currency -payment gateways that will allow your customers to pay in whatever form and pay you out in bitcoin / crypto? 

3) Is there a way to sigh up to an American bank from abroad? 

4) Is there a way to set up a payment gateway with Transferwise on shopify? 


Thank you all for your feed back!

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