Disable payment method for specific products

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I'm using the official Digital Downloads app from Shopify to create digital assets I'm selling in my store. My main product range contains mostly physical products and only some digital ones.

I would like to disable a payment method if some specific product(s) are in the cart, because it makes no sense to buy a digital product with the Cash on delivery option. Unfortunately, there are such cases, and it makes me additional amount of work to handle these kind of customers.

Is there any way to handle this?



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I would also like to know this as customers think they can use the shop pay installments with my pre-order items and shopify won't accept the payment which is fine, but it would be nice to remove it from that specific page and the checkout. If shopify doesn't accept shop pay for pre-orders, then shopify should give us the opportunity to either hide it, or remove the function so my customers aren't confused.