Disable Route Insurance for Local Pickup

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We have local pickup enabled for our retail store and we have Route insurance auto enabled for shipping orders. Our customers have been choosing the local pickup option, but do not uncheck the box for the Route insurance (which is unneeded for a local pickup, causing  us to refund them money). Is it possible that when a user selects local pickup, route insurance is removed from their cart?

Thanks in advance 

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Hi @JaRet_Watkins,

We're sorry you're having trouble with Route Insurance. The InsureShield App covers all shipments, so you would not have to refund customers any money. You can customize your insurance for your specific business needs. No catch, no hidden costs. Downloading the app is free and the cost of coverage is 100$ the value.

Check out InsureShield App and tell us what you think!!

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Hi, did you find a solution to this issue? We are experiencing the same thing. Part of the issue is that they cannot even select local pickup at checkout if Route enabled, it is grayed out. They have to go back to cart, deselect Route, then back to checkout to choose local pickup. Not good UX-Did you find a solution?
Thank you!