Disable specific countries as selectable shipping destinations

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We have our store set up and working, but when I set it up it wouldn't let me complete the setup before I had assigned every single country to a market, and at least 1 rate to every single country. We are using the default general shipping profile -


We have zones for UK, Euro 1,2,3 and World 1,2,3.


There are certain countries we generally don't ship to, but I had to create the option to do so, or it wouldn't let me complete the shipping setup (kept saying - there are ...countries without rates - please update - or something along those lines).


I looked at creating a custom profile, but it requires you manually add each product you want. We have over 4500 products on our website and it kept crashing every time I got over 3000. It can't be done in batches either, it has to be done in one go when you create the profile.


How do I disabled those countries without it causing some conflict with the markets and region rates, or having a to create a custom profile?





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You can assign all products to a shipping profile, that seems like it would be the way to go for you.


Shipping profile docs: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shipping/setting-up-and-managing-your-shipping/shipping-profiles/...


Shipping profiles will allow you to have control at the checkout page shipping settings. But if you don't want to do that, then another option you could add some theme code or install an app that detects the location of the customer, then shows a message on the product page, something like "This product doesn't ship to your location, for alternative options contact us". You could also disable the add to cart button, if that's something you wanted to do for people from that country.

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Thanks for the response Joe.


I will investigate with my web team.