Do fees apply to manual Payments and Manual orders

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Hi, I am not using Shopify Payments. I get that i pay 2% of each online purchase as a fee.. But here is the thing:

Some customers come to our showroom to check see the products and buy them there (from the web) but pay in cash/transaction etc.

So I get "unpaid" orders on my store. If I change them to "paid", do transaction fees apply? 

Same case if someone calls me and makes a purchase.. if i enter the purchase manually (through the drafts orders) so my stock remains updated, do I have to pay the 2%?

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No fees on manual orders. To my knowledge, there shouldn't be any fees when you mark the order as paid afterwards. Quote from shopify docs

Orders that accept manual payments are marked as unpaid on the Orders page. After you receive payment for a customer's order, you can mark the order as paid on the order details page and fulfill the order as you would if they had made an online payment.

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Thanks!! That was what I thought about manually charge orders via drafts.

Regarding the "manual payments" that arrive via check out i've read contradicting threads.. some stated that since the user is using the shopify check out, you'll have to pay the fee. And others stated that since they weren't paying on the online store, fees didn't apply.