Do I need a custom Bundle App?

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We are looking for an app which will allow us to bundle a number of items under one product which cannot be edited within the cart. When the customer checks out with their bundle I need the products to still be able to be fulfilled separately in the backend of shopify, in cases where 1 of the 5 products are backordered and needs to be shipped separately. For example. Customer buys product A which includes product B1, B2, C1, C2, C3 but C3 is delayed a week and needs to be shipped separately. So I can ship out products B1, B2, C1, C2, with standard shipping operation in Shopify, then C3 stays unfulfilled until the stock arrives then I can ship C3 out to the customer separate and finish fulfilling the order.

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We have built a new app for this scenario. The way it works is basically how you describe in that you build the bundle from existing SKUs and we push it into your Shopify store as a unique product. You can also have variants on it set as different bundles. When an order comes in for this product we convert the order into the individual components so you can fulfill correctly the actual items. It also lets you manage your inventory correctly.

You can then manage your orderlines as you mentioned individually so the order is partially fulfilled until all lines are shipped. We also have our own UI where you can view these orders and build automations around how they are processed when stock is received.

If you would like to test out the function just send me an email to



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whether you need an app depends on whether you want a custom bundle page or you want to stick with an app. I can give you a few directions

  1. Set up a Custom page
    For example, one of my previous users set up a custom page. When the customer picks and mixes the products, the page uses ajax cart to add all products to the cart at once. The effort is ok. You can find a developer to help. I guess it takes a few days.

  2. Use inventory apps
    You can use an inventory to link the bundle product with the 'real' individual products. When the bundle product is sold, the inventory of the individual products are deducted. Connected inventory is an app working like this.

  3. Use bundle apps
    My app BYOB breaks down the bundle item into individual items. After the order is paid, my app will break down the bundle item. After that, you can fulfill them partially. If you're interested, you can email me more details about your case. 
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