Do you need a company setup in Europe to get payouts in Euros?

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Hi Team


We are a UK company. I want to get Payouts in Euros so we can setup iDeal and other Euro based payment softwares.

In order to set Euros as the payout currency, its asking me to change our company details to an EU country.

Does anyone know if we can set the EU details to our warehouse in NL? We are VAT registered there, but its not clear on the implications of changing the store address to somewhere if its not our actual company address.

Help is not clear on this so asking here.

Essentially can you use an address that you are associated with, or do you need a company setup in EU to use those details?


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Hi Ben,


We're in a very similar situation. We are UK based company selling to the EU. Since Brexit we have had a shop dedicated to EU customers which we would like to switch to EUR.


We thought we had a solution in switching to Stripe as a payment gateway as they allow for a company to be UK based but receive payouts in EUR to a EUR account. However since Shopify Payments (ran by Stripe) has been introduced to the UK they have removed the option of using Stripe as a third party gateway. What a pain!

Annoyingly with Shopify Payments there seems to be no way to get a payout in EUR as a UK based company. We are very hesitant to switch our address in shopify. We have a Spanish fulfilment company working with us and are filing a tax return in via the EU OSS but we don't want to appear to have a permanent establishment in the EU and be liable for corporation tax there.


Hoping there will be some further responses in this thread with useful information.


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I don't understand why Shopify doesn't offer EU payout options for UK businesses. We operate mostly in Euro and there is no way to have our payout in EU needing to pay an excessive 2% conversion commission. This is ridiculous. It would be so easy to fix. Opened already a ticket but they told me it won't happen. We are considering other platforms because of this issue. So sad.