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DOB mismatch unclear and payouts are on hold for 16 days! No update from shopify support.

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My client has had their payouts on hold since March 16th because upon verifying her ID documents its giving her DOB mismatch error. Where can she change the DOB? 
In the meantime, we've talked to at least 5 or so different support people on chat and on the phone who tell us the same thing: that it's been raised with the appropriate team and we should expect a response within 24 - 72 hours. It's been 15 days since we last heard anything.

Has anyone had this issue? If so, how was it resolved for you? 

For some background info: I created the account when we first created it and transferred ownership to her. We did all the right things to transfer ownership and everything we & shopify support sees has her as the proper owner but yet we're coming across this issue and I wonder if this is related. 

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