Does anyone know an API reference for shipping price adjustment?

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Would anyone know if there's an API reference through which I can get a shipping price adjustment. 


Here's a what I'm talking about. 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 11.53.58 AM.png


The message reads: 

"You were charged $11.75 for a shipping label price adjustment."

When expanded it reads: 

An additional handling charge was applied by the carrier because your package was not wrapped in corrugated cardboard or exceeded size/weight limitations.
Learn about price adjustments"


I tried Order > Transaction, but there was no transaction for this. 

I also tried Order > Fulfillment > FulfillmentEvent, but there were no fulfillment events related to this either. 


My goal is to create an internal app that would allow the team to submit evidence to UPS when the package does indeed fit in the size and weight limits which we used to purchase the label. The first part of this would be identifying the orders where such charges exist. 

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