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Does anyone work with Direct Link for affordable International Shipping?

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They seem to be shipment consolidator of sorts. Basically, we'd prepackage and address our international orders, and then once a week we'd send a box of orders to Direct Link who then airs them to the correct part of the world and get them delivered for rates that are comparable to domestic USPS (plus the cost of shipping a box of orders to Los Angles from Seattle). Anyways I am just wondering if anyone has worked with them and if they were reliable and a good experience for your business and your customers. 

Here is they're website https://www.directlink.com.





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Hi Austin - 

Check out FlavorCloud in the Shopify app store , we are Seattle based as well , and help merchants ship directly to 200 Countries worldwide direct from your own warehouse or 3PL. Is a much better customer experience , plus we offer Standard and Express service as well as DDP shipping , so customers can pay duties and taxes at checkout 




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Thank you for the reply, I will check you guys out.

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Try www.theglobalfulfillment.com we have been using them for few months now and very happy with their service. DHL Prices cheaper than USPS and send it straight to the customer. 

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Thank you for the recommendation. I'm not sure they are what we need, we're looking for a solution that allows us to ship directly and not store our product at their fulfillment center.