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I am new to shopify, I was testing my store by purchasing a product for myself. I wanted to make certain that everything was working correctly before i went live. Everything worked perfectly till i checked my account.Basically wanted to see was the money transfer working. Im using prinful by the way. When i checked the account it showed that printful took their payment which was correct but also a second charge from my store was taken also , incorrect. I did receive payment from shopify 3 days later but this still leaves me with that extra charge from my own account. So  i was charged by printful and my own store. 

How do rectify this, is it a settings option i have set up incorrectly.Any help would be greatly appreciated .



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Hi, @MiHat 


Elle here from Shopify. 

This sounds like expected behaviour since you purchased a product from yourself. Allow me to explain!


When a customer makes a purchase from your site, they will see a charge from your store. They will not see a charge from Printful. Once they place their order, you will then pay Printful for the product so they can create it and ship it to your customer directly. You will receive the amount the customer paid via your payouts, and the profit you make is the difference between your retail price and the cost of goods (the amount you pay Printful for the product). The standard formula for net income is as follows:


Net Income = Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold – Expenses.


Since you placed an order from your own store, it is expected for you to see the charge from your own store as well as the charge from Printful.  For example: You list a T Shirt on your website for $30. If Printful charges you $20 for the T Shirt, your profit is $10. Where you placed your own order you will see a charge for $30 and $20; however, you will receive the $30 (minus the credit card fee) back in the form of a payout!

I hope this helps clear things up! Let me know if you have any other questions. 


Elle | Social Care @ Shopify 
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this is almost helpful. i faced a similar issue. i test run ordered a product from myself (through my store as a customer not as my store). it charged me $16.49 then shopify payed me out $15.37 to my account so minus -$1.12 i then saw no movement from the product so i turned around and had to fulfill the order from printful which was still $16.49 so all in all i lost money? how do i rectify this problem?

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I have a question as a customer who went to a local store front and made a purchase that I ended up getting double charged for and they are saying I would have to go through shopify