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Doubt . I want to charge the customer AFTER I approve the manual order. Printful my supplier

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Hi, I just opened my first store and I'm trying to set some internal controls. Im a bit unsettle due the interexchange of terms and if my logic makes sense.

Basically my goal is charge customer after I manually approve the order on Shopify.


1. For every customer order I have set up in settings in "Check out" as "Don’t fulfill any of the order’s line items automatically".
                            1.1 So, this mean I would get the order and I would have to manually approve correct?.On printful                              side, once the order is approved in Shopify, they start doing the printful fullfilment.

                            1.2 Question : Does the customer payment goes through / is process just right after they place the order? Or does it goes through AFTER I manually  approve it? So I dont remember now which status term thing goes thourgh (Pending,Approved and then fullfil?) at Shopify. 
                            1.3 As a control mitigation my logic made do the following: I set up on "settings" - "payments" and check the box that says " Payment Capture" and I set it up at "Manual" . So IF the customer is been CHARGED right at the ORDER PLACEMENT. And then I approve it on Shopify and then I see its been process on Printful, I would CAPTURE the payment later because I did approve it and its been process.

Thank you for your help, I just want to be transparent with customers and also protect me from any system glitches . Thank you for your understanding. 

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