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DPD Ireland Tracking

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Our online store has an integration setup with our chosen retail platform, however the ability to directly link our customers to their tracking number is not there.

The final step of entering the tracking number on Shopify is still manual, however 'DPD IRE' is not an option for the shipping link. I know I can manually link it for every order, but having it as an option in the courier shipping list would be better. Is there any way to add DPD Ireland as an option in the default courier list on Shopify. 

Linking Irish tracking numbers to the 'DPD', 'DPD UK' or 'DPD Local' reaches an error page on the DPD site and our support email is constantly receiving emails stating the customer's tracking number is not valid. A 'DPD IRE' option linking to '' would be great and is needed for Irish businesses using Shopify.  

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