Drop Shipping - PayPal Express Checkout + Oberlo

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Hello Shopify Community, I got some questions that need clarification regarding the subject.

1- When a customer uses PayPal express checkout on a product, Oberlo receives their billing address from their PayPal account, but if the shipping address is not the same as the billing address, where is the shipping address obtained from ?  

2- Is it possible to integrate PayPal's smart checkout button API to accept card payments from guests who do not have a PayPal account ? 

(I managed to inject the button script in the product description, but I figured then guests may use this button, and will enter their billing and shipping details alongside their card details, and PayPal will receive those details, but not sure if Oberlo/Shopify does)

I'm trying to use automation as much as possible.
Even though it is important, I dislike the fact that every 3rd party payment processor will require you to have a legal business registered so they can provide their services.

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Both Oberlo and Shopify use payment address as default shipping address if there's no shipping address, in paypal or credit card policy the shipping and payment address should be the same in case dispute happened in the future, thus you can set default shipping address once clients havent left shipping address, if you found the shipping address isnt the same with payment address then you may need to confirm with client manually.

In addition to paypal, you can also add stripe or 2checkout as supplement for credit card payment, it is easy.

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Yea, I wish I can add 3rd party payment providers. All of them require you to have a registered business, and submit documents for review.

So PayPal guest checkout is my only hope.