Drop-shipping to US from India

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Hi All ,


I am new to drop shipping, I need your help , right now shopify support system is not available to contact them due to Covid -19 ,so i thought to write here , I searched every where but couldn’t find the solutions for my below two queries , it would be great help  you can address them or refer them to some relevant person who can resolve my queries :-


1. I am based in India , when I create a shopify store at shopify.com  it  asks for address details , currency type etc ,though i have my address details but all are applicable in India , how can i start drop-shipping for US and other parts ?  The value of currency is coming in INR ( Indian Rs) at the shopify store , where as in US applicable currency is USD "$" , how can i serve the buyer based in US with my store having different currency  ?  I heard about  few Apps that convert the local base currency into buyer currency at front stores , but at the time of checking out by the buyers again it shows local base currency , can you suggest what is the best way to deal this situation, where currency remain uniform among different buyers based on their locality? Also is there any way to create the store at first place  having "$ " as currency mode if you are not based in USA, like in my case ? 

2. Same problem is with PayPal - Do i need to have US PayPal or bank account to deal with the buyers based in US ? Because in that case we need to submit US address details to create PayPal US account , i don't have any documents related to US . or i can have my shopify pay pal account on the basis of my local address that will work with my stores perfectly even if the store base currency is US $  ? If yes , then  how  can i manage my  same pay-pal with two different currencies value like in Indian Rs & USD $ ?


Hey all ,actually both of my problems are related to same issue  "different currency value" which i am facing because i am based in India while trying to set up stores for US based buyers. -  right now i am not able to co relate all these process ,what should be the best way to start drop shipping to US in my case ? should i create everything based on my local address , then how would i manage my currency at my store and at paypal both ?


I look forward to hearing from you !!