Dropshipping Outside of the USA! Where to start?

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I am currently trying to figure out what are the requirements for dropshipping outside of the States. My company is registered in the USA and right now I am only shipping in the USA. I have an online store for women's accessories, and I work with oberlo and aliexpress. Any info/advice on where do I start & how do I set it up would be highly appreciated. Some of the things that concerns me and are not too clear to me are:  VAT, Shipping cost, and if people will have to pay a fee to receive their packages? I am looking to start shipping in UK, Europe and Canada.

Also one more question:  Have any of you are using sourcingbox App for dropshipping? I was told their prices are cheaper and they offer fast shipping. I would appreciate any info/advice. 

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Hey, @fashionmode 

Great questions! International shipping is great because it opens your business up to a whole new customer base. With that, can come shipping and logistics that may seem daunting.

When setting up shipping internationally, my best piece of advice would be to do it for one country at a time.

1. Learn the tax rules for that country and how it applies to the tax laws in your local jurisdiction. For example, you may find in most cases that you do not charge taxes on orders outside of the U.S. I would recommend reaching out to a local tax professional to provide you with further insight. 

2. Research duties & taxes in the country want to ship to. This allows you to help your customer know the potential costs they may be on the hook for when their order ships to them. You should find this information on Google in terms of duty fees for products being shipped from the U.S into Canada. Not all products are created equally either, fees will vary depending on the type of product that is crossing the border. You can usually find these fees organized into various categories (skincare, perishables, clothing, wood furniture, etc.).

As far as your question on the app called SourcingBox, I do not have personal experience with their services.

All-in-all, our US Taxes guide is a great place to get started. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
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You had some questions about dropshipping outside of the U.S.? I am happy to help. I work for a company called Euro VAT Refund, we are experts on Value Added Tax (VAT) and help U.S. companies with exactly this.

I can't post the link here it doesn't work... But if you google "Euro VAT Refund, Inc. in Los Angeles" and click on our website you'll find us. On the homepage in the middle under "latest news" there is a webinar. Click on the link fill in your name and email and it takes you to a free recording with tons of powerpoint slides. Hope you find it helpful.

Email me after you watch it and let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you, Bianca

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Thank you so much Bianca. I sent you an email.