Dual-Warehouse Fulfillment: Shipping and Local Pick-Up Options

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I am reaching out to you because I have been diligently searching for a solution or app to address a specific challenge we are facing in our e-commerce operations on Shopify.


Here is a brief overview of our situation: We have two different warehouse locations in Northern Europe and one in the South. The North location houses the majority of our stock and is considered our primary location, whereas the South location has recently opened and serves as a secondary site. We plan to offer a "Local Pick-Up" option for customers at our South location, allowing them to collect their orders in person.


The issue we are encountering arises when a customer places an order that includes products from both our North and South warehouses. In such cases, we would like the North products to be shipped as the only option, while the South products should be designated for local pick-up at our South location. However, our current setup in Shopify only allows us to label these orders as "shipping," which can confuse customers and make it unclear how to select the local pick-up option.


I have explored various options within the Shopify platform, but it appears that combining shipping and local pick-up is not straightforward, and I've been unable to find a suitable solution within the platform's native features.


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  1. Make sure to file a formal feature request with shopify for either your use case or some underlying missing feature such as multiple selectable shipping methods in the checkout,  order-splitting, etc.
  2. Prevent mixed orders of items from North and South, make them mutually exclusive.
  3. If mixed items allowed , clunky approach , split the cart into two checkouts but that means two checkouts, or you split orders after the fact but still  have shipping-method selection confusion in checkout.
  4. If mixed items allowed , allow only pickup , then ship the North store items to the south store for pickup only
  5. If mixed items allowed, have custom rates with more descriptive names to try and surface messaging in the checkout and/or use a shipping app, or make your own with the custom carrier service api <--- messaging only still can't create two methods (ship and pickup)
  6. If mixed items allowed AND If you have fixed shipping rates, then allow only pickup but add a shipping-fee product to the cart/checkout, mark all shipping-items with line-item properties. Automatically create a second order for the shippable items.



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