Dynamic Pricing or Pricing Based on Currency Rate

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Hi all,

After lots of searches and discusses with shopify experts and people from here I cannot solve my simple (for me) issue.

I sum up the situation again. I am selling products that pricing is based on USD Dollar and I want my customers checkout with local currency(TRY- Turkish Lira). It doesn't matter if my shop show us dollar prices or local currency prices but it is important that my customer see final amount in local currency at checkout page.

Since Shopify Payments, Paypal and Stripe doesn't work in my country and I cannot have different currency on checkout rather than my shop's default currency because of shopify policies. I am looking a way solve my issue.

I have found same question from 2014 in here but there is no solution as far as I understand. Check the topic below:

My manual solution is, I will export the product list every morning and I refresh the prices with new usd dollar - TRY rate and I re-import the list again.

I want to setup my prices with usd dollar on background but show and sell with local currency basically. I do not want to work on my manual solution every day, even I haven't try, do not know if it will work or not.

Looking for a solution.

My shop link is: www.kimyasalburada.com

Thanks, regards.



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Hi Eren

If you are currently exporting your products, updating prices and reimporting then this can be easily automated so it would be a batch job that runs each night based on a new currency rate that you enter or can be pulled from a currency rate source.

If you would like to discuss further send me an email to tom@channelup.io 



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