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Editing order with PayPal payment

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We receive payments via PayPal for a number of our orders. When a customer wants to edit one such order, we've tried using the usual Shopify interface to edit it. While this works welll for Shopify Payments, in the case of PayPal, the customer is seemingly asked to pay the "additional amount" via Shopify Payments instead of PayPal. This creates pains for the customer (who now has to register all his details) and for us (as we have to handle this in our accounting processes).

Is there no way to enable the 'edit order' to use the original payment method as the default when the customer needs to pay an additional amount?


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Community Moderator
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Hi @mfcss,

This is a really great question! Can I ask you if this has happened multiple times or just once? The Paypal gateway is third party where they payments are transacted outside of Shopify which could be causing this to happen. It's difficult for me to understand more and see exactly what's happening without looking at your store admin. While we can't look into account specific queries via the community right now for verification and security reasons, you can contact our support team directly about this (via logging in here) and speaking to an advisor in real time via a live chat or callback. I know this isn't ideal, but it might be the best next port of call to see if this can be solved. 

If it can't be, I'd love to create a feature request on your behalf for this as I completely see how it would be a pain. I'll continue to look into this also as I'm curious bit also want to see if there's a way for this to work! 

Nick | Community Moderator @Shopify
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