EFTPOS Integration and Card readers for Australia & NZ

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It looks like this is a topic that needs to be addressed again. Why is it that we still, in 2020, do not have a working integrated EFTPOS or Card reader here in Australia and I bet it's the same in New Zealand. In today's world with Covid we are all supposed to use cards instead of cash, this is very time consuming for us Shopify brick N' mortar store holders as we have to enter it all in manually and as we all know there's always a chance of human errors. Are we considered an insignificant part of the world that doesn't have enough Shopify users or have we just been put in the too hard basket pile. I have found threads/enquiries regarding this from as far back as 2017 and I believe it's time to let us step into the 21 century. So my plea goes out to Shopify to please sort this issue out ASAP.

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I still can’t believe we don’t have access to card readers. What is Shopify’s reason?