Eliminate 35 character limit on UPS shipping addresses, I can't ship to some countries

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I have many customers, mostly in Korea, with long shipping addresses.  I can't ship to them using UPS via Shopify because of this arbitrary 35 character limit on shipping addresses.  How do I remove it?

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I had the same issue for Malaysia, for different themes there are ways to make customers narrow the address, with snippets of code. Show me your checkout page and I can maybe help if its the same as my previous issue

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Though Shopify is an outstanding platform, overall, this particular issue is deeply frustrating. In the last two years, we lost more than $2000 in sales, due to Shopify 'gotchas' such as this. I reckon their UPS character count limits are shorter than if one were to ship directly via UPS. There are also certain locations that Shopify refuses to offer shipping to. Have lost sales due to inability to ship to Puerto Rico, via Shopify UPS. Shipping to Brazil via Shopify UPS is also a nightmare. In several cases, we had to use customer-provided Fedex or DHL accounts. Quite the headache to ship online via the customers' carrier accounts.

Also time-consuming... trying to muck with S. Korean customers' addresses, as well as college and university addresses, just to get them to fit.

Shopify, as a platform, is so awesome, overall, but there are certain things about it that are downright crazymaking.