Emailing POD tracking number to customers ?

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Printful POD says it sends the tracking number to shopify 

How can i automate the tracking number -received from printful- to be emailed to the customer via my store

And how can they use it in my store

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Does your Shopify order get automatically marked s fulfilled along with the tracking number from Printful?

If yes, the tracking number will be included in order shipped email sent to your customers from Shopify. They will be able to track their order using this. If the order doesn't get automatically fulfilled, you will have to manually enter the tracking number and fulfil your orders. 

For your customers to use the tracking number on your store (I hope you are looking for a "Track your order" page for your customers to track their orders from your website), you will have to use a tracking app that handles this scenario. You can look into different apps that does the job here: Shipment Tracking apps.

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