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First, english isn't my first languaje so i'm sorry if there were errors.


My shopify payments account went blocked the other day (the tipical revision) i kept making orders and sending then with my money, having the payments locked up in my shopify payments balances, so, a few days after they put my account on hold for me to make some adjustments, and the balance went unlocked, so i had a programmed transaction of 4,7k€ to yesterday (16/april), the transaction don't arrived. So today (17) the transaction had disappeared without any notification, now instead the 4,7 transaction, there is a -19 (MINUS 19), and the 4,7k joined to the rest of the locked money, now i have 60 pending orders, my bank account in NEGATIVE and a transaction incoming of a refund, HAVING 8K LOCKED IN MY SHOPIFY BALANCE they will charge if on my bank account. This is a joke, and i don't blame to the support, i blame S. Payments.





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Did you ever get this fixed? I’m having a smilie issue and I’m appalled that I’m getting no help in this urgent matter.