Enabling Future Ship Date in Shopify

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I would like to offer a future ship date within our Shopify store. More specifically, I would like to give customers the option to ship a gift at some point in the future so they can pre-plan for the Holidays and take advantage of pre-order discounts. Say, for example, I want to order a gift for someone today to check it off my list, but don't want it shipped until a week before Christmas. Is that possible via app or otherwise?

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Hi @Phil_at_GB 


I am not 100% sure how far the pre-order dates can go, but there is an app called Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery. This app allows you to have future delivery dates for items purchased. Like I said, I have no idea if it can go several months in the future. 

Our app integrates with them and most of our clients go 14-30 days in the future. I would suggest reaching out to them and asking. 


Hope that helps!



Customer Experience Manager @ Intuitive Shipping