Enhancing iDEAL Integration quick checkout

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The problem I'm encountering is that I frequently receive feedback stating that my webshop doesn't have an iDEAL provider as a payment method. However, I do have iDEAL available, but customers only see it as the last option during checkout. In the Netherlands, where I'm from, iDEAL is the most widely used payment provider, so I want to emphasize and share its availability. According to Shopify's support, it's possible to add iDEAL as an additional button for express checkout by making code adjustments because iDEAL isn't available by default in all countries. I understood that this can be achieved by modifying the code using the available values and using the correct value for iDEAL. As for where it should be added, that part of the checkout page is secured, so I was advised to enlist the help of a Shopify Expert.


How to resolve the issue, tips are greatly appreciated.

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To have IDEAL or BANCONTAT on your store. Do you have Stripe account?

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