eps and Klarna not visible in Checkout

eps and Klarna not visible in Checkout

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does anyone know how to solve the following issue:


I activated Shopify payments in my shop and also ticked the local terms of payments for "eps-Überweisung", "Klarna Rechnung" and "Klarna Sofort bezahlen". However on the Checkout only Paypal, shoppay, creditcard payments and my manuel created bank transfer are visible. Are there any other steps, which must be done to make eps and Klarna visible on the checkout?


Thank you and best regards,


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Hey @Pawel47 


Thanks for the question and you have reached the German community here but we can chat in English too, that's no problem! 😉


In such a case a temporary preview link to an example would be very helpful to analyze that faster as what you are seeing in the checkout might not be the same as what a different user sees due to browsers and cookies and so on.


But the other issue could be that your payment gateways are in review by our banking partners (Stripe and Klarna) and they won't show in the checkout until certain things are carried out. Do you see sth like this in the checkout:



If yes, to help you with this, have you already opened a ticket with our support team? If not, please send an email to our support as demonstrated here from the email address you use to log in to your Shopify store, and enter your myshopify.com URL there as well. Once they authenticate your account, they can help you with your Klarna payment methods and EPS.


Do you have more questions about the store? Just enter a search term in the search bar at the top of the community landing page, as we have most likely already discussed the topic. Please keep an eye out in your email for notifications about answers to your questions in the community.

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