Error when clicking Complete Order for DRAFT orders

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New to the community and seeking help with the above problem please.

I sometimes have to create a DRAFT order for my customers which I email to them so they can then follow the link to my shop and complete the payment. 

Perhaps 50% of the time a customer reports to me that "nothing happens" when they click the "Complete Order" button having selected their method of payment and filled out the required details.

In actual fact an unspecified error has occurred...the only indication of this error is that the browser tab contains the text "Error - Payment - <myShopName> - Checkout".  I have been able to recreate the problem as per the screenshot below.

This is very embarrassing for me as it is causing reputational damage to my brand and yet I have no means of finding out what is the root cause of this error.

Grateful for help from this community in identifying the details of the error.  Are there any logfiles available which would help provide a way into trouble shooting?


2020-11-17 12_46_19-Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 12.31.58.png

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I am having this same issue and have been in contact with various people from Shopify support and they are saying that there is no issue. There clearly is an issue.


What I have found is that only draft orders that I create using Shopify mobile app are able to complete payment correctly. Every draft order I create using desktop my customer get this error.


Shopify - please can you help us out urgently. This is very damaging and not good form.

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I am having the same issue all of a sudden. Did either of you get this resolved? If so, how?

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@ToshaLackey @pained50 @StaceyC 

has anyone come up with a solution? Was just in touch with support and still no solution.

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The error for me was due to the second line of the address being 'required'. I changed these fields to be 'optional' and it has worked perfectly fine ever since. Below is how I have the checkout set up. You can find this in Settings > Checkout > Form Options. Hope this works for you! @Evrydahero @pained50 @ToshaLackey 


Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 9.43.14 am.png