ETA on Dimensional Weight Shipping Calculations Capability

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What is the expected ETA for Shopify to NATIVELY support dimensional shipping weight calculations for products?  There are several feature gaps regarding the calculation of shipping costs for carts.  Some of these are sufficiently complex that 3rd-party solutions for box-packing, rules-engines, etc may be necessary.

HOWEVER, the current limitation that shipping costs are only calculated using the 'Default Box' size is a hugely limiting constraint. Perusing this forum there are many, many threads with many, many participants complaining about this missing feature.  You can count me in the camp that believes this is a first-order platform feature and not something that can be delegated to 3rd-party add-ons.

Moreover, it is evident there has been work done in this area, but it is incomplete.

I will share this example where it's clear this capability is half-complete:


This is the screen that can be used to test carrier shipping integration.  It calculates the correct cost based on dimensions and weight.  Unfortunately, with products shipping in different boxes, there is no way to specify product dimensions, nor to assign products to boxes, nor to support multiple products per box. (I understand the last is a more complex issue, but the first two not so much).

So, can someone from the product team, rather than the support team, share when this is slated for the roadmap?


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It really should be a basic feature, especially since dimensional weight is used more frequently now in shipping calculations than it was in the past. In the past it might have been easier to work with this, but now it is vital to be able to factor in dimensions. 

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Almost 2 years since the Dimensional shipping topic was posted on these forums.

Why does there continue to be no mechanism for Dimensional shipping in Shopify? Every shipping company continues to raise rates and each of them only use Dimensional shipping calculations. There is no way to show the proper shipping cost to shoppers using only one box size. If I have a 3 pound product that is 4*4*4 and another 3 pound product that is 60*14*6 Shopify shows the shopper the same shipping price price. When you have 25,000 different SKUS you cant make this work and the seller is loosing their shirt.  Dimensional shipping is the standard and Shopify does not even offer a way for developers to access the shipping system to build an app for this.

For a public company growing at your rate this is stunning. Maybe a trip to a stockholder meeting would help?

Frustrated and loosing $

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Shopify - I too think that this is a much needed feature. Very basic feature that I never thot wouldn’t be part for Shopify, a big platform like Shopify. 
Is there a way to request this feature. 
it’s very important for my shop to be able to ship with dimensional weight. 

is this something that is in progress ? Should we expect this soon? 
please give us some update ..