Exclude Canceled and Archived Orders from Reports

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I run a meal-prep service through my Shopify account. People order meals during the week, and then pick them up on a single day at the end of the week. In order to prepare the food, it's useful for me to be able to print a report with the total number of each product variant that has been ordered over a 7-day period. However, that appears to be impossible to do, since sales from canceled orders are included in the reports. For example, the total sales number for Product A says 26, but one order was canceled, so in reality I only sold 25. I tried archiving the canceled orders, but they are still counted in the reports. Is there a way to exclude archived and/or canceled orders from reports?

Not having accurate counts on the reports means that I've had to go through each individual order and tally them by hand to ensure the correct number of meals are being made. I would hope there's a less time consuming way to handle this.

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Hi there,

Kritesh here from Better Reports team. 

This is a common reporting pattern used across meal prep services. In our app, Better Reports, there are fields to filter out the archived and cancelled orders.

We can also help prepare a report that aggregates all the products (across orders) for a particular period which can help you meal prep better.

So yes, this is indeed possible🙂

Let me know how you go.

Disclaimer: I'm part of the team at Better Reports