Excluding a payment method from MercadoPago

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Hi all! I couldn't get help from the payment gateway provider MercadoPago (absolutely horrible customer service), so I'm hoping someone can help me over here.

We integrated MercadoPago as 3rd party payment gateway, and I need to exclude Bank Transfers. We only want to accept payments via debit and credit cards.

I contacted MercadoPago's customer support, they said to disable Bank Transfers I need to write the following code:


"payment_methods": {
"excluded_payment_methods": [
"id": "bank_transfer"


I don't know where should I write this code, does anybody know where?

When I integrated MercadoPago, I simply created the service in https://www.mercadopago.cl/developers/, captured two tokens, and pasted them into Shopify (PDF attached with the views). That's why their answer to my request left me hanging, since I didn't write any code.

Here are some MercadoPago's resources in case they help:



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