Experiencing issues with inventory control on Shopify?

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Is anyone else experiencing major problems with inventory control? 

My month end quantities are always way off... says I have -$3,000,000 inventory! 

I update my inventory every month.

I also have the "Bundle Kit" app which i think is one reason why this is happening.

Any advice?  Any suggestions for good Inventory control apps?

I am loosing trust in Shopify! 

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Yes, unfortunately I have tried all the Shopify ressources, I have spoken to multiple experts that give me different answers every time I call.


I am trying to reach out to other Shopify Retailers that have 300+ inventory items to see how they control their inventory???

Yesterday, I did an inventory count and I adjusted the quantities on hand.

This morning, I checked and some of the amounts have changed and different than what I entered!!      


The numbers that I entered last night should be the same numbers this morning???

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Hello @LynnLee ,

I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling with inventory management. I can imagine how frustrating it can be when you don't have visibility into your stock levels. However, I wanted to share a solution that has really helpful for  inventory process - the Merchbees Inventory Value app.

This app provides real-time visibility into your exact stock quantity and value across all products and locations. You can create unlimited presets to view inventory for specific collections, products or locations that matter most to your business. It also allows you to generate historical reports by taking weekly and monthly snapshots, which is perfect for accounting and seeing trends over time.

Another great feature is the ability to export your inventory data to Excel, PDF and other file formats, making it easy to share information with your team. And with compatibility for up to 100,000 SKUs, Merchbees can scale with your business as you grow.

I know how much of a difference having the right inventory management tools can make. So I wanted to pass along this recommendation in case it's helpful for streamlining your own inventory workflows. Wishing you the best of luck!


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@LynnLee you should go through a few spot checks to view the inventory adjustment history to see if the actions you made to update the inventory were reflected. The inventory history logs will help you trace back what might have gone wrong with the inventory uploaded, or if perhaps it was allocated to an order, or might have transferred to another location.


If that doesn't produce the type of results you are looking for I'd suggest giving SKUSavvy a try. Its a full warehouse management and inventory system that will give you clear visibility into your inventory down to the bin locations, as well as order fulfillment and stock-takes. You can use SKUSavvy to manage everything from purchasing, check-in, inventory allocation & control, order pick-pack, fulfillment and shipping. The system offers 50 order free monthly, give it a shot and see if that makes it easier for you to keep you inventory accurate and updated. 



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