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Express Payment Options not showing on checkout

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Express Payment Options (Paypal, Google Pay etc) do appear on checkout.

Website is

Help? Thanks

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Hey there, Neil! 

Bo here from Shopify Support.

That is a really great question, I was able to replicate the issue on my side also. This can happen for a number of reasons, the two most prevalent ones being 1) the express checkout methods have not been enabled or 2) test mode is activated. 

If you go to Settings > Payment Providers and click Edit under Shopify Payments you will be able to see which of these to issues are at fault. The reason that the express checkouts are disabled when test-mode is activated is that Shopify Payments is not able to simulate a test charge when a customer goes to a different checkout such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. Once test mode is deactivated these options should present themselves on checkout. It should also be noted that the checkouts displayed are specific to the browser and device a customer is checking out with. If the customer is using, for example, a PC and Firefox they will not see an option to checkout with Apple Pay, whereas, they would if they were checking out on Safari on their iPhone. 

Let me know how this goes and if there is anything else I can assist you with, I'm happy to help

All the Best,

Bo | Retired Staff Member

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Hi Bo

Thanks so much for the reply. I checked and you were correct that we did have 'test mode' still turned on.

But with that now turned off, we're still not getting the additional express checkout buttons on the Customer infomation page of the checkout process.

What else do we need to do?

Many thanks



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Could I get some help with this. I checked both options you listed. I am not in test mode. I do not see any express checkout options for my store on either cart or checkout, however I see them on my other store but the themes are identical so I'm confused.

How would I enable them? I haven't seen an option to do this.

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I have the same problem .. can't see the express checkout on my checkout page.. tried everything but still can't figure out the problem.

Please help


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I  also have the same issue

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Same issue here. PayPal express checkout isn't available although I've activated the service.

Just wondering, does the location of the Shopify store have anything to do with this? for example, I'm in United Arab Emirates, so are PayPal payments restricted? any idea? 

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Hello Bo,

I hope its okay to ask this question after some years in this topic again. I guess, opening a new ticket about the same topic isnt necessary.

The express checkout buttons are gone in the checkout page. I just bought the motion theme and work with pagefly silver edition.

I checked every suggestion, recommendation and topic about this case in the help center.

I enabled the express checkout in the settings, in the customizer, test mode is not activated, paypal/amazon etc. is also activated and is working.

About a week ago, everything was fine. Now the buttons are gone in the checkout page. In the cart (which comes from the right side) you can see every express checkout button (also the cart-page), but not in the checkout any more.

My website:

Hope you can help me. 

Best Regards,



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I had this problem too, as i directly send customers to the checkout page for less friction when buying from my store.


I have found a recourse showing how to get it to work on the checkout page!

  1. In the Sections folder, click cart-template.liquid. If your theme doesn’t have a cart-template.liquid, then click cart.liquid in the Templates folder.

  2.  look for this code:

"{% if additional_checkout_buttons %} <div class="additional-checkout-buttons"> {{ content_for_additional_checkout_buttons }} </div> {% endif %}"

3.  Remove this code.

This is all you have to do! Save the code and you'' find the buttons are now on the checkout page (Bare in mind this does take the buttons away from the cart page - but if you send your customers straight to the checkout page they'll find it faster and easier = MORE CONVERSIONS)

Hope this helps!


Official resource is here if you need more info:

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I was able to use the steps above to remove the Express Checkout buttons from appearing on our Cart page but unfortunately this didn't activate the buttons on the Checkout page.

The developer page you linked is pretty self explanatory: "Accelerated checkout buttons can only show in the cart or checkout, not both. Because of this, if you want to show the buttons at checkout, then you need to ensure that the code for showing them is not included in the cart." So I'm a bit confused when I was able to remove them from the Cart page and they didn't start appearing on the Checkout page.

The store isn't in test mode, password protected, and we already processed a sale with a customer using Shopify Payments (where they received a two factor SMS, when the buttons were on the Cart page) so I don't think this is a payment configuration issue on our end.

Is there any settings that need to be activated to expose the buttons on the Checkout page? I've seen some references to the feature being enabled in the Theme editor but that isn't an option present for our theme.

Any guidance would be wonderful!

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This worked for us too.

We found that merely commenting out the code was not enough.  It had to be removed entirely.  Checkout on shopify (which we can't edit) must parse looking for this code.  Possibly the logic is, if the customer didn't select on cart, why now?

Well because some discounts can only be applied at checkout so these buttons may have been hidden on the cart page!