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this is more like a question to Shopify team than this community. May I ask if Shopify team even work on the feature to be able to add an extra fee for COD delivery payment method? I refuse to add this to shipping methods like "Method 1, Method 1 + COD, Method 2, Method 2 + COD..." ...madness! 

People were asking for this like 5 years ago and there is still no option!

Will be glad for any improvement...

Thank you!


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Hey Tom!

We had this issue too in 2 of our stores in Italy, where COD is quite popular, and we have decided to make an app to solve this problem

Check it out here on the Shopify App Store: https://apps.shopify.com/cash-on-delivery-fee

The app allows you to add a custom fee to every Cash On Delivery order without having to add a shipping method configuring the app should take less than 10 minutes and it has a free plan so I suggest you give it a try! The app also adds additional features to order notifications and the order status page to improve the experience for Cash on Delivery customers.

If you need help with configuring the app don't hesitate to contact me!

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Does your application disable the form of prepayment in the purchasing process? We have many customers who choose the form of delivery after pre-payment, but they choose the form of payment on delivery. Your application is great, but is it able to turn off the form of payment if the cash on delivery option is selected?

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Hi Piotr!

I answered your email too about this!

With our app you don't need to create a separate shipping rate for Cash on Delivery because the additional fee is automatically added to the order if a customer completes the order with Cash on Delivery!

The customer will select Cash on Delivery on the checkut payment page and when they select the Cash on Delivery payment method they will see the extra fee.

Check out the email I sent you about this where I included pictures of the entire checkout process with our app installed!

Best regards