Re: Braintree app with Shopify for payments

Facing issues with Braintree app for payments in ecommerce?

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We just moved to Braintree for payments and they have some silly process that we are trying to figure out a workaround. Any ideas of solutions or are you having the same issue.


When a customer buys say $100 and then emails say 10 mins later and says I forgot to use my 20% off coupon code we then try and do a refund for $20 and it come back with error 91506 (which means can't do a partial refund until the transaction is settled) . We never had this issue with Shopify Payments before and Braintree says that their app should be able to do it but wasn't coded for it. 


Isn't this a normal thing in ecommerce where someone emails right away and wants to remove an item from the order or has something else that does a partial refund?





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We will be going to Braintree in a couple of months. Good to know about this issue now as we have similar issues come up. I hope Braintree and Shopify find a solution!