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Hi guys, I need your help. I'm a Shopify developer (no related entirely), and managed to identify that a store I and a lot of people ordered from there are being scammed. They don't answer, they keep offering new products and all, but they don't send anything. There is a big story behind in reddit:


Please help! 

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Yep. I ordered from one named SeniorGem. They have scammed myself and many others. They pick a different address in your city since USPS does not have your actual shipping address on the tracking history. They just pick a random address in the same location and send a 1 ounce dummy package so it looks like it shipped to you. The BBB, FTC and FBI have been been informed with documentation. They actually use paypal to pay the fictitious company. The address and phone number on the site is also fake.

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ive been a  victim of a fake store just now.. i ordered a salomon shoes.. but i recieved a shoes that i don't know what brand it is.. i tried to email the store but i got no reply from them..  i tried to use another email and placed an order and they automatically responded that order has been approved and just waiting for shipment.. he does not reply to any concern you have about wrong item but automatically respond to new orders.. i found out that its not just me who was scammed many of us who ordered from Facebook ads were all scammed by this store.. he used different name in posting the advertisement through the Facebook ads.. he used different email in his store.. and he used different email during order confirmation.. this is definitely a big scam and shopify should  be alarm on what was happening and should take any actions.