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Fake Shopify Email

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I got an email last night titled URGENT: New Email.    It was from    And it was addressed to an old email address no longer connected to my shopify store.  The email told me I needed to verify my identity to keep using shopify payments... and this makes no sense because I don't use Shopify Payments.  I sell CBD, I can't.  So what the hell is going on?  The email also had a link to 'our help center' and the link is broken... doesn't work. 

Now, given Shopify's glorious track record of excellent customer support, ya know, the fantastic freaking customer support that is forcing me to seek info about this situation on a F**#$#* FORUM, when they feature a picture of a smiling cheerful woman with a headset on happily helping a shopify store owner... DOES THIS WOMAN EXIST? I don't think anyone at Shopify has ever worn a headset and talked to a customer on the phone a day in their lives.  Sorry.... had to rant.  

But given Shopify's horrible customer support I wouldn't be surprised if the link is from Shopify and it is broken, I mean... they shut all of our stores down last week and didn't notify anybody about it.  Why fix a support link? 

I just want to know that this is a fake email or something and not something important that Shopify is going to close my store over in a week.  



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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello, @Nous333.

Sophia here from Shopify. It is completely understandable that you might be frustrated having experienced store accessibility issues, receiving an unexpected email, and having trouble contacting our support team. I want to clarify that Shopify support is available 24/7, and you can get in touch via live chat, email, or callback through the Shopify Help Center

Regarding your stores being inaccessible, this may have been related to a temporary service disruption if a specific error message appeared when you tried to access a store. You can check our status page for details first if you run into an error message. Communication for store closures would have gone directly to the account owner's email address (not any staff or collaborators on the account). If you are still unable to access your stores and haven't seen any email communication from Shopify, please get in touch through the Shopify Help Center and our team would be happy to look into this with you.

The email you received from does not sound like it came from Shopify, particularly since you mentioned it was regarding a payment provider you do not use. Did you click on any links in the email or engage with it in any way? If you still have access to that email, please send it to and include the headers so our team can investigate further. Thank you.

Sophia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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'include the headers' link sent me somewhere that I need to make an account to view. No idea what you are talking about but I will forward the email to that address if I can find it. I didn't engage them at all I only clicked the broken shopify support link included.

Shopify has contacted me in the past regarding their 'Shopify Payments' system even though I don't use it. Wouldn't be the first time.

Also, You tell me where on that page you linked I can access Live Chat, Email, or Callback. Because I don't see a single one of those terms listed on that page, and neither do the thousands of other Shopify users that go to that page every single day and feel completely disregarded and out of luck.

Thank you.