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Hi everyone. We have a question which we couldn't find the answer on web.

We setup FBA Multichannel Fullfilment without a problem. But we dont know how to setup a like that down below.

1- First priority: We want to sell our products from FBA warehouse. So our inventory is managed by FBA in this case. (we did it without a problem)

2- When its sold out on FBA we want to switch inventory automatically to our original warehouse. And continue selling.

3- When its available on FBA we want to continue selling from FBA inventory.


So i think this is possible for non-fba multiple inventory. But we dont know how to achieve this with FBA combination.

Thx for your help. 



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Anyone to help? 😕

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I think the potential solution to it can be developed by setting up routing rules on a WMS platform. An open-Source ERP platform like Odoo can help in this case. 

Here is the workflow when you receive a sales order:

1 Check whether the product quantity is present in the FBA warehouse. If yes generate a shipping receipt from there. If not, check for it in the local warehouse for availability.

2 Check for availability in the local warehouse, If available, generate shipping receipt from that warehouse. if not check back in FBA 

      a). If available in the FBA warehouse, initiate the delivery process.

      b). If not, automated purchase orders can be made for a similar product.

We can integrate your current system onto Odoo and you can manage every process from there. There are many more features for inventory management which you can check from HERE. Odoo is highly customizable and, we are an Expert Team who focus on developing solutions as per business needs like your current unique need.

Feel free to contact me if this interest's you.



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We use an order allocation setting within the WMS which allows a default 'ship from' warehouse that will route all orders to your FBA warehouse initially, and when inventory is not available, the orders will automatically go to the closest available warehouse with the inventory available. You can try it out here for free, which might be all you need.

Within the FBA app you are using there may be a setting, but without seeing it I'm not sure this would help.

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