Feature Request: Add to Draft Orders & Edit Order

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Here is a list of features that I would like to be added.


1) Due Date on Draft Order.

By this I mean that we can set due dates on the draft order without having to create an order till it's actually paid. The amount of time we have people going "Oh, I need to add this" after we create an order with a due to is absolutely frustrating. Which brings me to the next issue.


2) Re-Calculate Shipping when an order is being edit. (No APPS)

When we add an item due to the customer wanting more, there isn't a way to increase the shipping cost without having to create a whole new order and trying to figure out if the shipping we have is right. As it will be combined with an existing order.


3) Partial Payment on Drafts or Orders.

Why isn't this a feature yet? The POS has the ability to split payments but the back end/admin doesn't! 

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