Feature Request: Consolidate return and refund or use pop up reminders

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When doing an online refund or return in the admin, it is currently extremely confusing. It makes it doubly difficult for us users because Shopify keeps changing how the process works and looks. 


My feature request is either 1) consolidate it so that it is all one clear process - click on return - select from screen if this is going back into stock, the reason, and if they are getting refunded or not; or 2) use your double (triple if you count 'cancel order') system as it is, but go back to using the pop up warnings saying this will not cancel or refund or whatever.


Currently, when I refund a client, it allows me to put it back in stock or not, but then DOES NOT cancel or get rid of the order. Fulfillment has always been poorly designed in this system, but at least before you were not prompted to still fulfill REFUNDED orders. Obviously changes have been made, and have removed functionality again. Please make this easier and more intuitive.


Bonus feature request: Allow US to pick what payment type we are refunding (especially on POS). This is a basic function of POS and needs to be created. Enough with the junky gift card refund option that ruins our accounting.

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