Feedback on returns management startup

Feedback on returns management startup

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Hi All,

Newly joined the forums. I am the co-founder of a technology startup that is building a returns solution for UK e-commerce companies that don't have physical space or who use fulfillment services that charge extortionate amounts for storage.

E-commerce businesses can simply sign-up on our website and then set their returns address to the one provided in their dashboard. We will then receive the item, inspect it, and re-sell it on your behalf -- you can track the lifecycle of the item through the dashboard. We follow a simple profit share model where we get paid only when you generate profit from your returns.

So far our system is able to process ~3k Amazon returns per month per employee and we are exploring using AR headsets to speed up inspections. I'm keen to see if anyone would find this service useful?

Very keen to hear the community's feedback and particular pain points with regards to ecomm returns.

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