Flat shipping fees per item

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how can I setup a flat shipping per item?

Ex. flat fee is 10USD per item. Someone orders 1x Item he pays 10USD shipping fees, he orders 5x items, he pays 50USD shipping fees.

How to do that? I can only setup per weight or price percentage.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Andreas, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

This is something which would be quite customized in terms of the shipping settings and not native to the Shopify admin, which only allows setting prices by weight or price percentage now as you mentioned. Your best bet in this instance would be to use an app from the app store. A custom job from a developer could be costly. Let's take a look at some of the best possible app solutions below:

Don't hesitate should you have any other questions. 

All the best, Nick

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Is this information still accurate?

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Hi there! Does anyone know of any apps for flat shipping rates per item since this post made originally answered? 

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@SheerAgave I am not aware of any app that will allow you to charge per item, however you can view my answer to the original post to see if my workaround, works for you. 

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Hi @Andreas_Schultz 


I have good news and bad news. The bad news is there isn't a specific feature on Shopify designed to charge customers for shipping per item, unless you create a shipping profile for each item.
Creating a shipping profile for 100s of items would be time consuming. It would also be time consuming when you have to change the shipping price or name as you can't change shipping profiles in bulk. If you have a few items then creating a shipping profile for each item would be the easiest option to charge for shipping per item. 


The good news is you can charge per item based using the condition option of weight- or price-calculated shipping rates within the shipping settings. This option can only work if there is not a lot of weight and/or price variation between different products on your store. 


For example, a price based rate (assuming the prices of your products are all $5):

Order total = $0 - $5:     $10 shipping
Order total = $20.01-25:     $50 shipping
Order total = $25.01 - $30:     $60 shipping
and so on.....


On the other hand, a weight based rate (assuming the weights of your products are all 2 lbs.):

Total weight = 0 lbs - 2 lbs:     $10 shipping
Total weight = 8.01 lbs - 10 lbs:     $50 shipping
Total weight = 10.01 lbs - 12 lbs:     $60 shipping
and so on...


Of course, if you're not using your product weights in any other way, you could just set all of them to the same weight and then use the weight based method.