Found cost efficient USPS rates that offsets holiday increase

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I received an email from a new startup that does flat rate pricing for their USPS labels. Their rates beats what I am getting from Shopify's shipping. The price is the same for all the shipping zones. I did one label with them so far and all was good. Package was delivered today. So I'll start moving most of my orders to their platform to save some money this holiday selling season. They also said in the email that they're offering First Class labels now at $3.25, but you have to either individually process 200 labels a day or form a group with other sellers to do a combined 200 labels per day to qualify for that rate. If anyone is in with forming a First Class label group with me let me know so we all can take advantage of the $3.25 price. I just paid $3.79 for a 2 oz package last week with these holiday increases.

I would still advise using UPS for heavier items but their smaller weights up to 8 lbs is hard to pass on. Even the 9 - 15 lb isn't that bad.

EDIT: The company name is Saveneur. Forgot to add that tidbit.


Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 14-50-44 USPS com® - USPS Tracking® Results.png

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It's a scam website, i know how the system to work, WARNING.