Fraud alerts constantly

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I know this has been addressed many times on here. Every order that comes through Shopify is flagged with a medium fraud score. Fraud alert orders are then held in Linnworks for me to manually unlock or cancel, which is a pain. I do get the odd shouting customer as we are too busy working on other orders in the warehouse then to phone each individual customer and ask them if they are fraudsters.

There was one time a customer called me to chase his order and I asked him for his drivers license copy showing his full address so that I could release his order, he did so within 5 minutes and I shipped his order. On receipt, he followed up with a chargeback, due to fraud and was refunded as he instantly won?

I just wonder how other businesses deal with this, what is your workflow? and how do you mitigate the risks. Our store sells cheap items which are made to order from 6GBP upto 55GBP.

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Hi @Ceefree 

As you said, manually checking orders can be a pain if your store has a high volume of orders. It's not always ideal to check every order and to manually phone them. What you need is to invest in a system that can automatically monitor and scan for suspicious behavior and data points, which you can do with a fraud prevention app. This is what most high-volume merchants do.

There are many apps that specialize in this ours included (link below). But it all comes down to what you are looking for. Are you willing to pay extra for chargeback insurance? Or do you need just a basic system to check for ID? Or do you need a special verification system to confirm the order? It's all up to you how you want to tolerate and handle a fraud order. Each app has its pros and cons, so I suggest you do your research and try out the different apps that work with your fulfillment system. 





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