Fraud Analysis: Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available

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Hello Everyone,

I have a bunch of " Abandoned Cart" caused by "Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available", "Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available    Billing address or credit card's address wasn't available"

I think it's not normal. Is there any solution to this problem?

What can I do?

The abandoned cart caused by this problem is almost as many as the orders! 

Please help to solve this problem, please




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How do you know that was the cause?

It's more likely that it's just a case of that data not being available, since the customer never got that far to enter it.

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Hi, Peiwen!
Anders from the Shopify Social Care team here. 

To elaborate a bit more on Jason's point above, if the information is unavailable in the abandoned carts tab, this can be for a couple of reasons. If a customer adds an item to their cart, proceeds to the checkout, but doesn't complete the checkout process - information like the billing address and CVV won't be available because the customer did not enter in this information to complete the order. Commonly, this is done so people can check your shipping rates before purchasing since all that's needed is a shipping address.

One way to check this is to type in '.json' at the end of the URL for the abandoned cart in your Shopify admin and then do a search for 'address'. If you find a shipping address but no billing address, then that customer was most likely checking your shipping rates. If you find that this is happening often, I would experiment with your shipping rates. You can add a bit of the shipping cost into the price of the product and lower your shipping rates and test to see if that makes a difference in conversions. This is what is known as A/B Testing. Offering discount codes in an abandoned cart email to the customer could also entice them to buy. In fact, we have a few articles which cover this very subject:

Have you done much in the way of abandoned cart emails? They can definitely help bring that balance between orders and abandoned carts to a better ratio!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Anders, 

Thank you for your reply. Actually, our shipping fees are set to be "ZERO" since we already calculated the shipping cost into the products. We will still test this Monday when we are back to work. Maybe we should also try to proceed with our own cards to test it. And we will get back to you if there is any progress. 

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for your reply. We will test and then get back to you.


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hi, i have the same on one of the purchases : please see below


  • Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available
  • Billing address or credit card's address wasn't available
  • Billing address ZIP or postal code isn't available to match with credit card's registered address


this was me testing the whole shopping process

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I also had the same on purchases. Did anyone find why it shows this? The payments are still coming though ok but I’m just curious why this information is not available