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Hi. I have a customer that is paying with credit card but the fraud analysis is saying medium. As far as I know the customer is genuine but he is in another country and I don't want to send the goods unless I can verify his details.

Is there any way to verify his home address with his credit card?

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Yes, customer validation is possible with Real ID.

You can securely and easily verify your customer's real life IDs like a drivers license, passport or national ID card.

The app uses a specially trained A.I. to validate the license photo and an optional headshot to compare against on the ID.

Then the app then finds & reads the ID details like name, date of birth, address and expiration date. You can have the app automatically verify these details like billing address or shipping address against the address on the ID or not.

Download the app here:

I'm also the app developer so feel free to ask any questions. Happy to help.


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