Fraud Analysis not picking up on risk assessment from Shopify Payments gateway

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I use Shopify Payments. With pretty much every order there is information returned from the Shopify Payments gateway about the outcome of a transaction/authorization. And part of that information is a "risk level" attribute. 

It seems this information should be considered by Shopify when determining if an order is low/medium/high risk of fraud. But it doesn't seem that it is. 

For example, the following is information from the gateway for an order that Shopify determined to be "LOW" risk. 

{"network_status"=>"approved_by_network", "reason"=>nil, "risk_level"=>"highest", "seller_message"=>"Payment complete.", "type"=>"authorized"}


Notice the "risk_level"=>:"highest"

This particular order was subsequently disputed/chargedback for fraud by the credit card holder. I went back and looked at every chargeback I've had against my store and almost all of them have this high risk indicator from the gateway. Why isn't this something Shopify takes into account when determining the fraud risk level?


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