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Hi I have had one scammer try 6 fraudulent orders in the past week. All high risk. I have canceled orders as they come in yet I am still getting a small processing fee from Shopify everytime. So every fraudulent order is costing me money out of my pocket, how can I stop these charges?

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hi @Zacmighty 


You should set your payment capture system to manual if you have a manageable amounts of orders. That way, you can void the order before it's been captured and therefore avoid the fees.


To enable this option, simply head to your settings page > Payments > payment capture.


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The downside of this, you will need to capture all payments yourself. The good side, is that Beacon fraud prevention app for Shopify will automate this for you if you have a higher volume of orders that is beyond manually doing it yourself. Weigh your pros and cons and see what fits your business best. 


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