Free shipping cacluation on Apple Pay is different from the Shopify checkout page

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Nice to meet you all. My client encountered a very rare issue about Apple Pay. My client's Shopify store set free shipping for the orders over HK$500. After applying the discount code, total amount is below $500 while it's still under free shipping on the Shopify checkout page, but when chossing Apple Pay the shipping cost is added in.


This is how the cart calculated.This is how the cart calculated.This is how the Apple Pay calculated.This is how the Apple Pay calculated.


Is it a bug from Shopify?

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Hi there! 

We are having the same problem (but with Local Delivery). I chatted with a Shopify Employee and they told me that it is currently not possible to remove shipping costs with Apple and Google Pay. For us, sadly, this makes these checkout options unusable since most of our customers are mobile users...

A feature request has been sent in to Shopify but I have no idea how long it will take before this feature will see the light of day.

Have a good one!


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I will also mention that I have been refunding people shipping charges left and right and finally realized there is a problem using Apple Pay and Google Pay for free local delivery or free shipping. As stated here, charges automatically apply when using these methods. I will have to turn them off for now. Hoping for a quicker resolution to this glitch.

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Hey @navyfab  Is this issue fixed? have you found a solution for it?
We are also facing a similar issue because of the Shipping Discount script. The shipping line selected in the Apple Pay for the checkout object is getting invalidated.