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We just started charging for shipping on our website, but I do not want that to apply to our subscription and save customers. Unfortunately, whenever someone tries to subscribe and save, the only option they are provided is our customer pickup option for free (not even the paid options for shipping?).


I want to offer only subscribe and save customers free shipping, but if I make a free shipping option in the admin, it makes it available to everyone - not just subscribe and save.

We use RecurrinGO! as our subscription software and when I reached out to them, they told me shipping is only controlled by Shopify.


The only other solution I see is to have a discount code for free shipping that only applies to subscriptions, but I cannot make it an automatic discount so this doesn't work either...

How can I offer free shipping to only my subscribe and save customers?

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Hey @Natasha-P, check out the SAPP Subscriptions Appit offers flexible subscription options based on custom intervals and discounts with free shipping. Also, try following the steps given below.  

  • Log into your Shopify admin dashboard.
  • Go to Settings, then Shipping and Delivery.
  • On the shipping profile that you want to change, select Manage rates.
  • You can then click Add rate, where you want to add a free shipping rate.
  • Set the Price field to 0.
  • Click Done, then Save.

Hope this helps! 😀