Free shipping not being applied to entire cart

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I have set up free shipping on a specific product using the Shipping Profiles section.

However, when a user adds an additional product to cart that does not have free shipping, it overrrides the free shipping and instead charges shipping on the other products.

Is there a way to make sure that free shipping is applied to the entire cart if an item with free shipping is in the order?

This product also has a discount code agianst it so I cannot offer free shipping via discount code.


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Hi @ChristaBrunch, thanks for your question!

What you're describing sounds consistent with an expected checkout behaviour, which combines shipping rates from different shipping profiles (described in more detail here: Combined rates at checkout - Help doc). 

If you decide to create multiple shipping profiles . . .  then some orders might contain products from different profiles. When this happens, the separate shipping rates for each product are added together. This provides the customer with a single shipping rate at checkout.

By this rule, when a customer adds a product from profile A (which offers free shipping) and profile B (which offers $5 shipping, for example) to their cart, the total shipping cost they'll be asked to pay is $5. 


What I'd recommend, since you're looking to avoid this behaviour, is you explore a couple of these apps available in our App Store, to create your own custom shipping rules: 

Both apps offer a free trial period, so definitely take the time to see which one might be better suited for you. 

I hope you find exactly what you're looking for! 

June | Social Care @ Shopify 
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